Rosehip as a youth product

Today, scientists from all countries are looking for a prescription for the extension of youth and are trying to find an answer to the question: why does the human body grow old. In the laboratories of the whole world, clinical studies are conducted, the purpose of which is to prolong the life of the cell and, as a consequence, to delay the moment of aging. As Professor Sherman said: “Old age is a disease, and it is curable.”
The latest scientific researches suggest that the secret of youth is in the production by the organism of a substance called collagen.
Collagen is needed for:
• ensuring the strength and elasticity of tissues and their restoration in case of damage;
• bonding and forming internal organs;
• cell regeneration;
• formation of cell membranes.

Collagen is a family of large protein molecules, formed exclusively in biochemical processes within the body. In total, our body has more than 19 types of collagen, which are part of different tissues (skin, bones and joints, ligaments, hair, nails, etc.). In our body, collagen production and its destruction are constantly occurring. After 25-30 years, the collagen degradation rate increases and begins to predominate over synthesis, and with increasing age, the content of this protein in the body gradually decreases.

Now, we debunk the most common myth of collagen: RESTORE THE LEVEL OF COLLAGEN FROM OUT IS IMPOSSIBLE:
• All incoming collagen, like any protein, will be susceptible to splitting and attempting to digest. It is much cheaper and more useful to eat a good steak than to use questionable benefits of collagen cocktails.
• The large size of the collagen molecule prevents its penetration into the skin from collagen-containing creams and masks. When introducing collagen by injection, it, like any foreign substance, will either be destroyed by our leukocytes at once, or, first, cause inflammation, and then all the same will be destroyed.

So how to increase the level of collagen production? All attention should be given to proper nutrition. Paradoxically, collagen bonds are formed only in the presence of a sufficient amount of vitamin C and iron in our body. Both these substances are contained in rosehip. To ensure a daily intake of vitamin C, it is enough to eat ONE TEA SPOON of our high concentrated vitamin rosehip or a whole lemon!
To ensure that healthy food brings not only benefits, but also pleasure, we grow a special varietal high-vitamin rosehip, clean it from its seeds and hairs and carefully dry it, as evidenced by the pink-red color of the dried pulp. We do our best to bring to you all the richness of vitamins and minerals that our rosehips possess.
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Take care of yourself!

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